As millions of people throughout the UK have been receiving their coronavirus vaccine, the rumour-mill has been working overtime with the dissemination of false information.

This in itself can cause people to shy away from getting the Coronavirus vaccine which will lead to lives being put in danger, therefore, let's take a look at some of these rumours and compare the facts.

The myths and rumours are circulating about the Coronavirus vaccine just as fast as the virus itself - it's time to look at some common myths and put the record straight.

Are vaccines legally mandatory?

If you have spent any time on a social media site, you may have seen the video that is circulating that purports that not only is the vaccine compulsory by law but that those that refuse to get the vaccine for themselves or their children will be placed under house arrest until they receive the vaccination.

The truth is that no, there is no law in the UK that will force anyone to have the vaccine and no law exists to have children forcibly vaccinated without the consent of the parent.

If you had the virus, you don't need the vaccine

Absolutely not true. Whether you have previously tested positive for Coronovirus or contracted Covid-19, the chance of reinfection is still a very real possibility

Even the experts don't know with 100% certainty exactly how long immunity will last once you've recovered from Covid therefore, keep on the safe side and ensure you get the vaccine as soon as it becomes available.

You can catch Covid-19 from the vaccine

The vaccine itself contains no part of the actual Covid virus - dead or alive - so you cannot catch Covid-19 from getting the vaccine.

Taking a hot bath kills the Coronavirus

While taking a bath is good for hygiene purposes, regardless how hot your bath water is it won't kill the Coronavirus - but it may cause severe burns to your body if the water is extremely hot.

5G Mobile networks spread the Coronavirus

The way a virus is transmitted does not include via radio waves or through mobile network systems. In fact, many countries that don't have a 5G mobile network are fighting the spread of the Coronavirus too.

Bill Gates is using the vaccine to microchip people

As a conspiracy theory, this certainly feeds the minds of those that, regardless of fact, like to indulge in them. The one thing that this falsehood lacks though is any real evidence to support the accusation. The fact is that the founder of Microsoft, Mr Bill Gates, is at the heart of many conspiracy theories - again, with no real evidence to support the claim.


If you've heard a rumour in regard to the vaccine that makes you uneasy about receiving it, you should always ask those with expert knowledge in order to allay your fears such as your GP. Don't put yourself or others at risk because of some uninformed opinion you've read online or heard through a friend - instead, stay safe and become informed.

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